Year of 2018 Miss Jin Loh Received

Trinity College London (UK) Letter of Commendation/Appreciation for Her Outstanding Music Students Exam Results 

Miss Jin Loh Received

ABRSM (UK) Letter of Commendation/Appreciation for Her Outstanding Music Student Exam Result 

The 5th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2018 Music Competition Winner - Bronze Medal (Malaysia Region)

Congratulations to Miss Jin Loh's Singing Diploma (ATCL) music student, Alyson Ng, for winning in the recent 2018 Year "5th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2018 Music Competition". Alyson Ng won Bronze Medal (3rd Prize) in the Malaysia region. This is her first time taking part in a singing competition. Alyson Ng is selected to represent Malaysia to compete in the final round singing competition in Hong Kong. However unfortunately Alyson is unable to travel to Hong Kong during the final round competition in Hong Kong... 

Miss Jin Loh's Piano Diploma Students Represented Malaysia and Won Gold, 1st Prize in National Round, Silver Prize, 2nd Prize in International Piano Competition

Miss Jin Loh’s ABRSM (UK) Practical Music Student High Distinction Exam Result 144/150 marks

ABRSM (UK) High Scorer's Music Result High Distinction 144/150 marks

Distinction: 130-150 marks
Merit: 120-129 marks
Pass: 100-119 marks

~ Miss Jin Loh's music student was specially invited by ABRSM (UK) to perform in ABRSM High Scorer's Music Concert.

Mid Year of 2019 Miss Jin Loh’s Trinity College London (UK) Singing Student's Exam Result - High Distinctions 94/100 Marks 

High Distinction (94/100 Marks) 

Distinction: 80 marks and above
Pass: 60-79 marks

Congratualions to Alicia Lao, Miss Jin Loh's singing student who scored High Distinctions 94/100 marks in the recent singing exam. Alicia scored FULL MARKS (30/30 marks) in "Accuracy & Fluency" singing section + FULL MARKS (10/10 marks) in Programme Notes & Presentation.

Year of 2018 Miss Jin Loh’s Trinity College London (UK) Singing Students Exam Results - All High Distinctions 95/100 Marks and 91/100 marks 

Trinity College London (UK) Singing May 2018 Exam Result 

100% pass with High Distinction (90-95/100 Marks) 

Distinction: 80 marks and above
Pass: 60-79 marks

All Miss Jin Loh's singing students scored High Distinctions 95/100 marks and 91/100 marks. Miss Jin Loh is all the students' first singing teacher.

New ABRSM Practical Exam Venue/Centre -
Brickfields Asia College (PJ Campus)

New ABRSM practical exam venue/centre in p.j. (Petaling Jaya) is now at Brickfields Asia College (PJ Campus). This is the new 2017 ABRSM music exams venue/center for Petaling Jaya exam candidates.

Brickfields Asia College (PJ Campus) Address: Block 2, Section 14 Jalan Utara, PJS 52  46200 Petaling Jaya.

I advise all students and parents to please find out this ABRSM Brickfields Asia College exam venue before your exam day. After I went personally to search for this new ABRSM exam venue, I find that the directions are a little complicating...

I advise using the Waze apps to go to this new ABRSM Brickfields Asia College PJ Campus exam venue.

There are actually two Brickfields Asia College. There is a Brickfields Asia College PJ and Brickfields Asia College KL.

Our ABRSM music exam venue is at Brickfields Asia College PJ campus (Petaling Jaya). So please make sure you go to the correct exam centre, the PJ campus. 

When you use Waze apps, please make sure you select the Brickfields Asia College PJ campus (Petaling Jaya). (see photo)

This is the Waze photo I took. Becareful there are 2 Brickfields Asia College. Please make sure you select the Brickfields Asia College PJ campus (Petaling Jaya)

Address: Block 2, Section 14 Jalan Utara, PJS 52  46200 Petaling Jaya.

The road to Asia Jaya, Hotel Armada PJ..etc that direction, is now ONE WAY direction. If you are coming from the direction where Plaza 33 is on your right (please see photo) at the traffic light, you can NOT turn left to go to Brickfields Asia College. Please follow the Waze apps directions. At the traffic light junction (if Plaza 33 is on your right), please turn right then immediately turn left to go via the first small roads/ residential area. (see photo below)

There are two blocks of buildings in Brickfields Asia College (PJ Campus). Our ABRSM exam centre is in Block 2 . Please see photo. 

After you arrived and parked your car in Brickfields Asia College (PJ Campus), go to ground floor of Block 2, find a security guard near the lift to activate the lift for you to go up to the exam floor. Then please check and look for your exam venue.

Good luck in your ABRSM practical exam! :)

Music is Love.

Love is Music

~ Jin Loh