Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are Jin Loh Professional Music's Lessons All Online Music Lessons?

A: Yes, all Ms Jin Loh's music lessons are conducted via online music lessons only. No face to face music lessons. 

Q: What kind of Online Teaching Devices Ms Jin Loh Uses to Conduct Her Professional Online Music Lessons?

A: Ms Jin Loh purchased and used all brand new, latest models of Apple professional devices eg. 27 inches iMac desktop computer, iPad Pro 12.9 inches (M1 Chip), iPhone..etc to conduct her professional online music lessons.

27 inches iMac Desktop Computer

The 27 inches Apple iMac Desktop Computer that Ms Jin Loh uses to teach her online music students has a 5K Retina display with True Tone Technology. It also has professional studio quality speakers and studio quality microphone.

With this big and wide 27 inches iMac computer, Ms Jin Loh can see her students' playing very clearly. Ms Jin Loh's online students can also see and hear her explanation and playing demonstration...etc very clearly.

iPad Pro 12.9 inches (M1 Chip)

Ms Jin Loh also uses the new latest Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches (M1 Chip) device to teach her online music students.

Q: Why is Ms Jin Loh's Online Music Lessons Special and Professional?

A: Besides using the latest, new Apple professional online teaching devices to teach online, Ms Jin Loh also combines her experienced music teaching with new, latest music technology.

Ms Jin Loh has been teaching for about 22 years. 

By combining her 22 years teaching experiences together with new, latest music technology and professional online teaching devices that she uses, Ms Jin Loh's online music lessons are special and professional.

Thus, it enhances and makes Ms Jin Loh's online music students' learning experiences more enjoyable, fun and interesting. 

Q: What Online Platform Does Ms Jin Loh Uses to Conduct Her Professional Online Music Lessons?

A: Ms Jin Loh uses and pays for the Zoom Pro License to conduct all her Professional Online Music Lessons in Zoom.

Ms Jin Loh's Professional Online Music Lessons are "safe" because the Zoom Pro Licence that she pays for to conduct her online music lessons every year, has Enhanced Encryption function, providing additional protection for all her online music students.

Ms Jin Loh does not uses free, basic Zoom to teach her online lessons.

Basic Zoom is free, but very inconvenient. Free, basic zoom connection line is more unstable, making students' online learning experiences more challenging. It only allow for e.g 40mins usage and limited participants/angles for music demonstration during online lessons. Moreover, for every online lessons, students need to wait for teacher to send them the free basic Zoom link to login to a free zoom meeting room, to have online lessons. Then after about 40mins (the given time limit usage for using free Zoom account), both teacher and student need to leave the free zoom meeting room. Teacher need to quickly create another new free zoom meeting room and send to students for them to login to continue lesson. This disrupt the flow of students' online learning experiences. There is also no Enhanced Encryption's function for free, basic Zoom.

The paid Zoom Pro License, on the other hand, has no time limit usage. It has personal, fix or even customized Zoom meeting room numbers with Enhanced Encryption function. Every week, Ms Jin Loh and her online music students just need to login to her same, fix Zoom Pro meeting room/virtual classroom to have smooth and safe (enhanced encryption) online music lessons.

With Ms Jin Loh's paid Zoom Pro license account, she is able to host multiple devices, eg. have external webcams to zoom in to demonstrate, while she explains and teaches to her online music students. Ms Jin Loh's online music students are also able to show their playing to Ms Jin Loh more clearly with various playing angles, by logging in using different devices eg. handphone, tablets, laptops...etc to show Ms Jin Loh during her online music lessons.

Q: Since Ms Jin Loh Uses Zoom Pro Licence to Conduct Her Professional Music Online Lessons in Zoom, Does Her Online Students Need to Pay to be a Zoom Pro Licence User Too (about USD$150 per year), In Order to Learn Under Ms Jin Loh's Tutelage?  

A: Ms Jin Loh's online music students do not need to pay to become a Zoom Pro Licence Account user, in order to have online music lessons with Ms Jin Loh via Zoom. Because Ms Jin Loh bears the cost for the Zoom Pro Licence (about USD$150 per year) to conduct all her Professional Online Music Lessons. 

Ms Jin Loh's online music students just need to download the Zoom app and login using Ms Jin Loh's private Zoom Pro Licence same meeting room/virtual classroom every week, to learn under Ms Jin Loh's tutelage via her Professional Online Music Lessons.