For 3 consecutive years, Ms Jin Loh's Singing Students Scored One of the Highest Marks in the Whole Country for Trinity College London's Singing Exams.

Jin Loh professional music's piano diploma students' achievements 

Ms Jin Loh's Music Teaching Philosophy

Ms Jin Loh’s music teaching philosophy is a little unusual. 

Even though she is a music instructor/music teacher, her ultimate objective of teaching is not to train her students to become world class musicians. It is of course very nice to see students becoming excellent musicians, but it is always something else that Ms Jin Loh is more concern on.

Besides performing occasionally, Ms Jin Loh is now devoting most of her time educating her students. For Ms Jin Loh, she always feel that she is not just a music teacher, she is a teacher and a mentor for her students. 

Ms Jin Loh hope to teach her students to become a better person, a better human being, a caring and loving person. This is more important in just excelling in academic or being a virtuoso world class musician. Of course along the way, if a student also excel in academic or mastered a musical instrument, that is very nice. :)

Ms Jin Loh hope that sometimes by using some of the music composers' inspiring life stories, it could inspire her students - not only musically inspired, but something that her students could learn, for their life.

Different music composers for example, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin or Debussy had different personalities, characters, thoughts and had different life experiences. Hence their music sounded different from one another and their compositions are played and interpreted differently.

Whenever Ms Jin Loh discussed with her students about Beethoven’s personalities and especially his last symphony – Symphony No.9 in D minor, op.125. (Ode to Joy), she try to convey a message to her students.

Using Beethoven as a role model, Ms Jin Loh explains and share with her students that for example, music or academic or career is not the only thing that we should be concern on. Even though musicians and great composers love music deeply, but besides music, they are also very concern about other aspects of life.

Beethoven, for example, was a person who loved nature/environment. He liked taking long walks, he liked birds and water fall. All these beautiful nature sound were 'captured' or 'heard' in his famous Symphony No.6 - the "Pastoral" Symphony. One can hear birds singing, a tumbling waterfall and thunderstorm in this symphony.

Besides environment/nature, unconditional love and brotherhood were also some of the aspects that Beethoven was very concerned on. These qualities were reflected in his music compositions.

Many music students are introduced or exposed to a simpler version of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" when they started learning to play a musical instrument for example, piano, flute or cello. This famous "Ode to Joy" is an extract taken from Beethoven's last symphony, Symphony No.9 in D minor, op.125.

Ms Jin Loh explains to her students that Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op.125 is unique compared to other symphonies because the last movement has a chorus (a groups of singers/choir singing)!

The theme or original message of this "Ode to Joy' is about brotherhood of human beings. Even though he was totally deaf when he completed this symphony in 1824 and had traumas in his life , Beethoven strongly believed that people should care and love for each other. He conveyed and spread a very positive energy or message to other people through his gift in music. 

Even this symphony was written many hundreds ago, through the power of music, he continued to spread the message of love and care, conveying the message of brotherhood and unconditional love to people who listen to his music. :)

Ms Jin Loh share with her students that learning music is not just about scoring distinctions in music exams,  winning in world class music competitions or becoming a world class musician. 

Music is Art. Music is Love.

Ms Jin Loh believes that music is a beautiful art.

Music appear to be an 'audio' form of art. We could use music to 'paint' different 'colours', 'emotions', 'lines' or 'communicate' with different languages or nation of people. Playing music give love to the player and the listener feel loved from listening to the music.

Through the power of music, we could convey the message  of sharing our love and care with other people, the world, the environment and even to little animals. :)

Ms Jin Loh's music lessons are all online music lessons now. 

Below is an example of Ms Jin Loh's Online Singing Student Learning & Singing "The Phantom of The Opera" Song Live,  During Ms Jin Loh's Online Singing Lessons. :)