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Jin Loh Professional Music (since 1999) has been delivering world-class award-winning music education and receiving international recognition for its exceptional quality for many years

Jin Loh Professional Music's 100% virtual, online professional music lessons has produced multiple award-winning students in world-class music competitions.

Ms Jin Loh's online students are Winners of Absolute First Prize (Prodigy Category) (96+/100 marks) and Winners of First Prize, Gold Prize (90+/100 marks) in 2023 "World Grand Prix International Music Contest", "World Classical Music Awards", "Royale Music Competition" (UK), "Best Classical Musicians Awards" (UK), "Bach International Music Competition" and "UK International Music Competitions" and "London Young Musician".

2023 World Exceptional Musicians Teacher Award

Ms Jin Loh is the 2022-2024 international Outstanding Music Educator/Teacher Awards Winner of:

  1. "World Exceptional Musicians"
  2. "World Grand Prix International Music Contest"
  3. "World Classical Music Awards"
  4. "Best Classical Musicians Awards" (UK)
  5. "European Classical Music Vocalist Award"
  6. "European Classical Music Awards"
  7. "Royale Music Competition (UK)"
  8. "Bach International Music Competitions"
  9. "Berlioz International Music Competition"
  10. "Beethovinci International Music Competition"
  11. "Carl Reinecke International Music Competition"
  12. "UK International Music Competition"
  13. "Universal Stars Music Competition" 
  14. "Vivaldi International Music Competition"

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Ms Jin Loh is listed in the prestigious "Honorable League of Global Exceptional Music Teachers."

2023 Honorable League of Global Exceptional Music Teachers

Ms Jin Loh's world-class reputation as an outstanding music teacher has been acknowledged by the World Online Music Competitions Organization.

Ms Jin Loh has been recognized for her exceptional skills and is now listed in the prestigious "Honorable League of Global Exceptional Music Teachers", which recognizes her alongside esteemed professors of music in universities and Doctor of Music (PhD) awardees from around the world.

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With over 25 years of teaching experience, Ms Jin Loh specializes in teaching online music lessons that have been proven to be highly effective, with students from different countries around the world, e.g. Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, learning under the tutelage of Ms. Jin Loh.

What sets Ms. Jin Loh apart from other music educators is her credentials in Educational Psychology and Sound Therapy. She has achieved 100% full marks in all her Educational Psychology and Sound Therapy assessments.

Online Teaching Devices

professional Online Music Lessons Teaching Equipments:

To deliver professional online music lessons, Ms. Jin Loh employs a range of modern and professional tools. She uses new Apple devices, such as the 27 inches iMac Apple Computer; 12.9 inches iPad Pro, external webcams; external microphones and new music softwares to conduct her professional online music lessons.

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Highlights of Students' Achievements in 2022-2024

Year of 2024

1. 2024 Gold Prize Winner  (Prodigy Category) + "Excellent Creativity Special Prize" in the "Carl Reinecke International Music Competition" (Singing Category).

2. 2024 Gold Prize Winner  (Prodigy Category) + "Distinctive Flair Special Prize" in the "Berlioz International Music Competition" (Singing Category).

3. 2024 Gold Prize Winner  (Modern Music Category) in the "Beethovinci International Music Competition" (Cello Playing Category).

4. 2024 Gold Prize Winner  (Prodigy Category) + "Visionary Creativity Special Prize" in the "Vivaldi International Music Competition" (Singing Category).

Year of 2023

5. 2023 Gold Prize Winner (Prodigy Category) in the "World Exceptional Musicians" competition (Singing Category).

6. 2023 Gold Prize Winner  + Fantastic Technique Special Prize Vocal Award Winner in the "European Classical Music Vocalists Award". 

7. 2023 Absolute First Prize Winner (Prodigy Category) in the "World Grand Prix International Music Contest" (Singing Category).

8. 2023 "Excellent Interpretation Special Award" Winner in the "World Grand Prix International Music Contest"  (Singing Category).

9. 2023 First Prize Winners in the "World Classical Music Awards" Competition (Singing Category).

10. 2023 Absolute First Prize Winner (Prodigy Category) in the "UK International Music Competition" (Singing Category).

11. 2023 First Prize Winners (2 Categories: Advanced & Singing Musical) in the "UK International Music Competition" (Singing Category).

12. 2023 "Creative Innovation Special Prizes" Winners (for both singing students' musical performances) in the "UK International Music Competition".

13. 2023 First Prize Winner in the "Bach International Music Competition" (First Prize Winner in Piano Baroque Style: about 1600-1750 Music History Period Interpretation) (Piano Category).

14. 2023 Gold Award Winner in the "Royale Music Competition" (UK) (Classical Music Piano Category).

15. 2023 Gold Award Winner in the "Best Classical Musicians Awards" (UK). Best Romantic Compositions Performance Piano Category.

Year of 2022

16. 2022 Gold Award Winners in the "Universal Stars Music Competition". International Music Competition (Singing + Piano Categories).

17. 2022 Malaysian Representative for the 8th ABRSM (UK) Global High Scorers Concert (Grade 8 Singing Exam Student).

18. For several years, Ms Jin Loh's students have been recognized with High Scorers Awards in music exams by both ABRSM (UK) and Trinity College London (UK).

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