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ABRSM Jazz Piano Lessons/Classes/Teacher in Malaysia

ABRSM jazz piano lesson/class/teacher in Kuala Lumpur (kl), Penang, Bangsar, Damansara Heights, Mon't Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Desa Sri Hartamas, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (ttdi), Bandar Utama (bu), Damansara, Petaling Jaya (pj), Selangor, KLCC, , Perak, Perlis, Pahang, Malacca (Melaka), Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak areas in Malaysia. 

 Jazz abrsm grade 1/2/3/4/5 piano lesson/class/teacher in Kuala Lumpur (kl), Penang, Perak, Perlis, Pahang, Malacca (Melaka), Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor, , in Malaysia, in Singapore, in Thailand, in Hong Kong and other international countries.

Ms. Jin Loh is a Jazz and Classical pianist. She received many years of formal training learning Jazz. She learnt how to play different jazz genres/styles for example Latin Music, Blues, Swing, Jazz Waltz...etc on the piano. In her tertiary music education in music college/university, Ms. Jin Loh also learnt Jazz Harmony, Jazz Voicings, Jazz Chords Progressions, Jazz Ear Training, Jazz Reharmonisation...etc.

Ms. Jin Loh is a formally trained jazz pianist, not a self-taught jazz musician. She was invited to play jazz piano in 5 stars hotels, company private events...etc.

Currently Ms. Jin Loh is devoting most of her time in teaching. Sharing her knowledge and training new musicians from various countries for example students from, UK, US, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore . She has been teaching music for more than 20 years.

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Castle in the Sky - Innocent (from Laputa) 天空の城ラピュタ ー 君をのせて

ABRSM Jazz Piano Grade 5 exam piece - “Waltz for Autumn” by Terry Seabrook. I changed the style & did some spontaneous improvisation. :)

I'll Be Home for Christmas

How to Learn Jazz Piano?

Let's Learn Jazz Piano!

This ABRSM (The Associated Board of The Royal School of Music) Jazz piano lessons are suitable for jazz piano students who are new in Jazz, who are interested to know how to learn jazz piano. This ABRSM jazz piano lesson/class is also suitable for classical piano teachers who would like to venture into the jazz/contemporary piano.

Playing Jazz and classical music are very different. The notes may appear to be the same ABCDEFG, but the approaches or ways of playing jazz and classical piano are very different. A trained jazz pianist needs studies and understanding in various jazz styles, jazz music theory and other jazz/contemporary music knowledge in order to make a jazz piece sound like a real jazz musician playing!

This Jazz Piano lessons follows the ABRSM Jazz Piano Graded Exam syllabus. 

In this abrsm jazz piano classes, students learn to play for example jazz, blues, swing pieces on the piano. Students would learn how to improvise a piano piece from grade 1 onwards!

Instead of learning the classical piano scales, jazz piano students learn to play various types of jazz scales on the piano. Jazz scales include Dorian, Mixolydian, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, blues scales and other jazz scales. 

This Jazz Piano Lesson/Class is conducted by Ms. Jin Loh who is trained formerly for many years in playing both Classical and Jazz Piano. Ms. Jin Loh prepares students to sit for the ABRSM Jazz Piano graded exam. 

♪ For more advanced pianists, for example pianists who have grade 8 and above, the Professional Jazz Piano Lesson/Class maybe more suitable for you. This Professional Jazz piano lesson/class is suitable for pianists who are ready to learn more advanced jazz piano playing techniques.