♪  Miss Jin Loh's Students Achievements (^^)  

Miss Jin Loh's Music Student's ABRSM High Distinction Practical Music Result 144/150 marks

April 2017 ABRSM Practical Music Exam Results: All Miss Jin Loh's students scored Distinctions (130 & above/150 marks), except 2 students scored Merits (124 & 127)

March 2017ABRSM Music Theory ExamResults:All Distinction

Miss Jin Loh's Music Student's ABRSM High Distinction Music Theory Result 99/100 marks

May/June 2017 Trinity College London Singing Exam Results: All Miss Jin Loh's singing/vocal students scored Distinctions (80 marks & above/100). Programme Notes scored full marks 10/10 except one student scored 9/10 marks.

60-79 marks/100 = Pass

80 & above marks/100 = Distinction

Cello Lessons/Classes in Malaysia

Cello lessons/classes, learn how to play the cello in Bangsar, Damansara Heights, Hartamas Heights, Mon't Kiara, Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC), Sri Hartamas, Desa Sri Hartamas, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Bandar Utama Damansara (BU), Petaling Jaya (P.J), KLCC and Kuala Lumpur (KL) in Malaysia by experienced cello instructor/teacher/cellist.

How to Play The Cello?

Play cello with Miss Jin Loh who has been teaching for 18 years. Cello students are learning to play the cello from beginner cello lessons till advanced cello under cellist Miss Jin Loh's guidance. Students are learning to play the cello regularly every week in Miss Jin Loh's cello classes. To enjoy playing the cello, one needs to learn the cello properly and play cello regularly.

Beginner Cello Lessons 

♪  Cello lessons for beginners. Suitable for cello students with no experience in playing the cello.

♪  In this beginner cello lessons, students learn how to play the cello, for example, how to hold a cello bow, how to tune a cello, cello fingerings and some simple cello positions.

Cello Intermediate Lessons

♪   After beginner cello lessons, students move on to continue learning to play the cello in cello intermediate classes.

♪   Suitable for cello students who have some experiences or years in playing the cello.

♪  Students learn about higher cello positions using cello diagram designed by Miss Jin Loh, some cello effects and other cello playing techniques.

Cello Advanced Lesson/Class

♪   Suitable for cello students who learn to play the cello for many years.

♪   Miss Jin Loh teaches students for example, how to play cello chords and more advanced cello music pieces. Students learn to play cello music pieces for example, The Cello Suites for Unaccompanied Cello by Johan Sebastian Bach and Le Cygne - The 13th movement of The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint Saens. 

Cello Lessons/Classes in Malaysia ~ by Jin Loh Professional Music 

Classical Cello Exam Lesson/Class

♪  Suitable for cello students who wish to take cello exams.

♪  Miss Jin Loh prepares students for the international ABRSM (The Associated Board of The Royal School of Music), Trinity Guildhall and Guild Exam.

Cello Lesson/Class for Adult

♪  For students who just wish to enjoy learning and playing cello for fun.

♪  It is never too old to learn to play the cello. :)

Cello Music Theory Lesson/Class

♪  Not to worry if cello is your first musical instrument. :)

♪  Miss Jin Loh teaches Cello Music Theory for students who need help in for example, cello notes reading and music theory.

♪  Miss Jin Loh teaches and prepares cello students for Grade 1 till Grade 8 ABRSM  (The Associated Board of The Royal School of Music) music theory exams.

Summer Holiday Cello Class/Lesson

♪  Summer holiday music classes/lessons on learning to play the cello in Malaysia.

GCSE/IGCSE Cello Music Preparation Class

♪  This GCSE/IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) cello music classes/lessons help students in preparing for their GCSE/IGCSE music exams.

♪  Miss Jin Loh provides guidance and training in all 3 parts of the GCSE/IGCSE music exams: listening, performing and composing/song writing.

Experienced Piano Accompanist for Cello Exam Students

♪  Miss Jin Loh being both an experienced cello instructor/cellist and also an experienced pianist, plays the piano accompaniment part for her students during their cello exams.

♪  While Miss Jin Loh plays the piano accompaniment parts for her students, she listens and pay attention to her students' cello playing. This helps the students to further improve on both their cello playing and to learn how to follow the piano parts closely.

Miss Jin Loh's Cello Music Students (ABRSM) Results

ABRSM (The Associated Board of The Royal School Of Music) Music Exams Grading Systems

Distinctions: 130-150 marks (full marks 150)

Merit: 120-129 marks

Pass: 100-119 marks

April, 2016 Year

- 100% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students pass.

- 50% scored merits.

April, 2015 Year

- 100% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students pass.

- 15% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students pass with Distinction (130-150 marks)

- 45% scored high merits.

- 30% scored merits.

- 10% scored pass.

April, 2014 Year

- 100% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students pass with Distinction (130-150 marks)

- 70% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students scored High Distinctions.

- Congratulations to Darren who scored a High Distinction 144/150 marks, Isabella scored 138/150 High Distinction for their cello ABRSM exams. 

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Music is Love.

Love is Music

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