What Singers/Vocalists 

Should Not Eat and Drink?

~ By Jin Loh

Singers/Vocalists Avoid Foods and Drinks

It is important for singers/vocalists to know what kind of foods and drinks may cause singing problems.

Eating or drinking "The Singers/Vocalists Avoid Foods and Drinks", may dry the singer's vocal folds (also known as vocal cords). Some of these foods that singers should avoid, may constrict or irritate the singer's throat, stimulate or thicken phlegm/mucous, making the singer's more prone to burping during singing and may cause other singing problems.

Thus singers/vocalists are advised to try not to eat or drink these foods and drinks, especially 2 to 3 hours before their singing, recordings, performances, gigs or shows. For example, if singers/vocalists wish to enjoy eating ice-cream :p or drinking coffee or other non recommended singer's foods or drinks, please try eating them when you don't need to sing or after singing. 

Examples of foods and drinks that may cause phlegm/mucous for singers/vocalists before singing, are very sweet, sugary foods like chocolates and dairy foods.

Eating Industrial dairy foods are not only not good for singers, it is also not environmental friendly because industrial dairy foods production produce massive greenhouse gas emissions. 

Examples of dairy foods that singers/vocalists should try to avoid before singing, recordings, performance, shows/gigs are: -

  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Cream sauce foods
  • Ice cream (:P )
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Other dairy products

If singers/vocalists love eating dairy foods, try to go for the lower fat dairy foods.

Examples of foods that may irritates or dry the singer's throat, vocal folds are:-

  • Very spicy foods 
  • curry
  • Kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage/radish)
  • others

Examples of foods that may close or constrict the singer's throat, vocal folds are: -

  • cold pastas
  • cold ramen noodles
  • ice
  • other types of cold foods

Examples of foods that absorb water and may dehydrate the singer's body and vocal folds are:

  • French fries
  • Potato chips
  • Other salty foods

Beverage (Drinks/Water) that Singer's/Vocalist's Should Try to Avoid

  • Coffee (may dry the body and throat)
  • Other caffeine contained drinks for example, black teas
  • Citrus fruit juices like grapefruit, orange (citrus fruits may dry the throat)
  • Iced or cold drinks/juices/water (may constrict or close the throat, vocal folds)
  • Coca-cola/coke (contained caffeine though lower compared to, for example instant coffee)
  • Carbonated, fizzy drinks (may cause too much air/gas in the stomach that may cause burping during singing.
  • Alcoholic drinks (may reduce vocal control because alcohol may cause swell in the larynx tissues) 

Even though certain foods like kimchi or yogurt may irritates or dry singers/vocalists' throats, it does not mean that singers/vocalists are not allowed to eat these avoid foods at all. Because eating some of these 'avoid foods for singers/vocalists' also have very good benefits for the singers/vocalists' health. 

For example, kimchi or other lacto-fermented foods like sauerkraut or plain yogurt may help to improve singer's mood, making them feeling happier and better. :)  If singers feel good and energetic, it helps them to sing better technically and emotionally. :)

Just remember try not to eat these singer's avoid foods if you need to sing, especially at least 2-3 hours before the singing performances, recordings, gigs or shows.

Singers/Vocalists Would Avoid Going Hungry or Eating Too Full Before Singing

Generally speaking, singers/vocalists would avoid going empty stomach on purpose, without any food before or during singing. Maybe the exception would be for some pop singers where they have to eat very little only. Some pop singers have very strict weight control diet to keep, in order to maintain their attractive physical appearances. In this case, these pop singers are still advised to eat some foods in order to have energy before singing.

Most pop singers tend to concentrate more on low calories foods and drinks, but healthy and balanced diets. Singing with an empty stomach may make singers feel physical and mental fatigue. Thus making them very difficult to concentrate and sing their best. Because singing needs a lot of energy. 

Also, you probably may not want to hear your empty stomach singing louder than you during your singing! :P

On the other hand, a singer/vocalist would also avoid eating too full before or during he or she's singing performances, recordings, shows or gigs. Because singers/vocalists may be more prone to burping with full stomach :O. He or she may also experience difficulty in diaphragm singing movements and have difficulty in taking a fuller, deeper breath when singing. Thus finding it harder to support the air or his or her voice.

Besides, we know how it feels when we eat toooo full...

Sleepy... ZZZzzz.. :Z

So it is not a very good idea for singers/vocalists to eat, feel or look like a Garfield when singing... :)

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