♪  Miss Jin Loh's Students Achievements (^^)  

Miss Jin Loh's Music Student's ABRSM High Distinction Practical Music Result 144/150 marks

April 2017 ABRSM Practical Music Exam Results: All Miss Jin Loh's students scored Distinctions (130 & above/150 marks), except 2 students scored Merits (124 & 127)

March 2017ABRSM Music Theory ExamResults:All Distinction

Miss Jin Loh's Music Student's ABRSM High Distinction Music Theory Result 99/100 marks

May/June 2017 Trinity College London Singing Exam Results: All Miss Jin Loh's singing/vocal students scored Distinctions (80 marks & above/100). Programme Notes scored full marks 10/10 except one student scored 9/10 marks.

60-79 marks/100 = Pass

80 & above marks/100 = Distinction

Cello Teacher/Instructor/Cellist in Malaysia

Experienced cello teacher/instructor/cellist in Bangsar, Damansara Heights, Hartamas Heights, Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC), Mon't Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Desa Sri Hartamas, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Bandar Utama Damansara, Petaling Jaya (P.J.), KLCC and Kuala Lumpur (K.L.) areas in Malaysia.

Learn how to play the cello with experienced cello teacher/cellist, Miss Jin Loh. Miss Jin Loh is a private cello teacher in Malaysia. She teaches students to play cello step by step.

Miss Jin Loh holds a Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Professional Music. She was accepted into the Dean's Lists for 5 semesters.

Miss Jin Loh studied cello under orchestral's concert master cellist and master degree cello teacher.

Miss Jin Loh performed cello in various occasions, including both private and public functions. Currently she is devoting most of her time training new cellists in Malaysia. 

With more than 18 years of teaching experiences, Miss Jin Loh teaches and guides her cello students how to play the cello step by step using her own unique cello teaching methods.

In Miss Jin Loh's cello lessons/classes, her students learn to play for example, various cello techniques, cello fingerings, cello songs, different cello sound effects, cello music theory and cello history.

Miss Jin Loh's Cello Students

There is no age limitation to learn the cello. Miss Jin Loh believes that when it comes to taking up a new hobby that one is really passionate about, there is no age limitations.  This includes playing the cello, learning to play the cello as an adult with no musical background at all.

Beside teaching local and expatriates young students how to play the cello, some of Miss Jin Loh's students are learning to play the cello as an adult. They are professional adults for example surgeons, doctors and businessman learning to play the cello as leisure or a new hobby under Miss Jin Loh's guidance.

Miss Jin Loh's Cello Music Students (ABRSM) Results

ABRSM (The Associated Board of The Royal School Of Music) Music Exams Grading Systems

Distinctions: 130-150 marks (full marks 150)

Merit: 120-129 marks

Pass: 100-119 marks

April, 2016 Year

- 100% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students pass.

- 50% scored merits.

April, 2015 Year

- 100% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students pass.

- 15% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students pass with Distinction (130-150 marks)

- 45% scored high merits.

- 30% scored merits.

- 10% scored pass.

April, 2014 Year 

- 100% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students pass with Distinction (130-150 marks)

- 70% of Miss Jin Loh's cello students scored High Distinctions.

- Congratulations to Darren who scored a High Distinction 144/150 marks, Isabella scored 138/150 High Distinction for their cello ABRSM exams. 

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Music is Love.

Love is Music

~ Jin Loh