How to Do Vocal Warm Ups/Vocal Exercises Before Singing Exam?

How to do vocal warmups/vocal exercises/singing exercises before singing exam? How to warm up your voice? How to open your voice for singing? How to sing soprano vocal exercises/singing exercises/voice exercises at home if no one plays the piano for you? Learn how to sing scales, perform various quick vocalization exercises and vocal techniques with Miss Jin Loh, an experienced vocal instructor/vocal coach.

Below is a video demonstration and written explanations on how to sing soprano vocal warm ups exercises. It is a complete vocal warmups on how to warm up your voice quickly before the exam. Students learn to do vocal cord exercises and some singing exercises for pitch accompanied by live piano playing throughout the whole vocal exercises/singing exercises.

This free online vocal exercises for singers or vocalisation exercises video is specially designed by Miss Jin Loh to help singing students to quickly warm up their voices before their singing exams/singing competitions. It is said to be one of the best warm up exercises for singers because it is a quick warm up for both the body and voice. Singing students would warm up the body first before moving on in singing scales and arpeggios up and down on different octaves, with live piano accompaniment, guided and explaint by an experienced singing instructor/singing coach, Miss Jin Loh. This quick vocal warm ups also utilize various vocal techniques. 

It is important that we do some vocal warm ups exercises before singing. Vocal exercises/singing exercises/voice exercises could prevent us from "hurting" our throat/voice, especially if we need to sing or hit a lot of high notes in a song. 

Before we practice singing our songs at home, before our singing exams or before singing competitions, we need to learn to warm up our body and voice nicely.

Singer's Warm-Up Exercises for the Body

  1. Wriggle the ankles
  2. Wriggle the legs
  3. Wriggle the wrists
  4. Wriggle the arms
  5. Lift and lower the shoulder
  6. Move the head gently from side to side without moving the body, only the head.
  7. Swing the arms (e.g. by doing swimming strokes - front, back)
  8. Jog on the spot

When you feel your body is warmed up, stand straight and upright but in a relax manner. Try not to sit when you practise singing. Your weight should be evenly held between the feet. Check if your body weight is leaning more on one leg or not. If yes, try to correct your singing posture. Make sure you are standing upright, evenly with both your feet when you sing.

Singer's Warm-Up Exercises for the Voice

Sing the word "Sing" on the lowest note you can sing. Hold on the "ng" sound and sing like a siren on a police car from the lowest note to the highest note you can sing. This singing exercise is done by gradually singing your "siren" sound on the "ng" through your entire vocal range. Try not to let your voice crack when you sing this "siren" voice exercise. 

Next do the same on a "zz" sound like a bee buzzing.

After this, you may continue your vocal warmups by singing scales, for example. There are many different types of good singing exercises that we can use to warm up our voice, besides the vocal exercise/voice exercise that I used in my video above.