About Jin Loh Professional Music ~ since 1999

2018 Year The 5th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2018 Music Competition Winner - Bronze Medal (Malaysia Region)

Miss Jin Loh's music student, Alyson Ng, won Bronze Medal (3rd Prize) in the Malaysia region in 2018 Year "5th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2018 Music Competition".  

Year of 2019 Trinity College London (UK) Singing Exam Result 

High Distinctions 94/100 Marks 

Miss Jin Loh's singin student - Alicia Lao, scored 94/100 marks in Trinity College London's Singing Exam. FULL marks in Accuracy/Fluency section & Programme notes

Distinction: 80 marks & above

 Pass: 60-79 marks.

Year of 2018 Trinity College London (UK) Singing Exam Result 

ALL Students: High Distinctions 95/100 Marks, 91/100 marks 

Miss Jin Loh's singin student - Jane Kong and Hway Jin, both scored 95/100 marks in Trinity College London's Singing Exam.

Distinction: 80 marks and above

Pass: 60-79 marks.

Miss Jin Loh's diploma singing ATCL student, Alyson Ng, sings Trinity College London (UK) Grade 8 Singing exam song: "Nuit d'étoiles"~ "Starry Night" French song composed by Claude Debussy.

Singing/Vocal/Voice Teacher (Instructor/Coach) in Malaysia

Experienced singing (vocal/voice) teacher/coach/instructor in Bangsar, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC), Mon’t Kiara, Hartamas Heights, Sri Hartamas, Desa Sri Hartamas, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Bandar Utama (BU), Petaling Jaya (P.J.), KLCC and Kuala Lumpur (K.L) areas in Malaysia. 

How to be a Singing Teacher?

How to be a singing teacher? To be a singing teacher, one needs to study many years of formal singing, have many years of regular vocal training, pass several singing exams, learn and understand how to sing in different singing styles..etc, in order to become a qualified, trained singing teacher, not a self taught singing teacher. :)

Learn how to sing with Miss Jin Loh. Miss Jin Loh is an experienced singing (voice, vocal) teacher/coach in Malaysia, with more than 15 years of teaching experiences. She is a ATCL singing diploma music teacher in Malaysia who prepares her diploma singing students to sit for singing diploma international exams. 

Miss Jin Loh has taken many years of formal vocal training under 7-8 vocal teachers. She is a trained and qualified singing teacher who has taken various international singing exams, not a self taught singer.

Miss Jin Loh's Singing Teaching Methods

Miss Jin Loh teaches the Classical singing methods, or  known more commonly as the ‘opera singing’ methods. Students learn to sing using the singing methods that Opera singers use to sing. 

Besides Classical singing, Miss Jin Loh teaches students how to sing jazz singing, contemporary, Broadway and classic songs according to various music styles. Different music genres require different singing approaches or interpretations to suit the music styles.

Miss Jin Loh teaches private singing lessons, one to one singing lessons. Because each and every student's voice is unique. Student's singing strength and areas to work on, are also different. Hence, group singing lessons are not very ideal for students who are very new in singing.

Miss Jin Loh teaches Italian Opera songs, German songs, French songs. Besides Classical singing, Miss Jin Loh also teaches students Jazz songs, Contemporary, Broadway, musical songs and songs from other music genres.

In Miss Jin Loh’s singing classes/lessons, she teaches students for example, various singing exercises, vocal warm ups, body postures, explain to students and work with them how to expand vocal range (meaning how to increase students higher and lower notes), how to breathe for singing, and how to improve vocal/voice projection (vocal resonance).

Miss Jin Loh prepares and trains students for singing exams and even singing competitions and singing auditions. 

Note: Please note that Miss Jin Loh does not teach new generation's pop songs. She does teaches classics pop songs like 'The Way We Were", "When I Fall In Love" (from Sleepless in Seattle movie). 

Miss Jin Loh's singing  student, Hway Yin sings Trinity College London (UK) Grade 5 Singing exam song: "But Not For Me" from Girl Crazy. Pianist: Miss Jin Loh

Music is Love.

Love is Music

~ Jin Loh