Students' Music Achievements

2023 year world classical music awards competition

~ Gold Award Winners

2023 World Classical Music Awards Imran

2023 World Classical Music Award Imran

2023 year UK International music competition

~ Absolute first prize winner (prodigy category)

(96+ marks/100 marks)

2023 UK International Music Competition (Priya)

~ first prize winners

(advanced + singing musical theatre categories)

(90+ marks/100 marks)

2023 UK International Competition (Imran)

2023 year royale music competition

(International Music competition) 

~ Gold Award Winner

2023 Royale Music Competition with frame (Yee Leng)

2023 year Best classical musicians awards 

(International Music competition) 

~ Gold Award Winner

2023 Best Classical Musicians Gold Award with frames Yee Leng

2022 year ABRSM Global high scorers concert

~ Malaysia's representative

2022 ABRSM Global High Scorers Concert (Hway Yin) (with frame)

2022 year International singing competition 

~ Gold Prizes Winners

2022 Universal Star Competition (Celine)

Ms Jin Loh's singing student ~ Celine See won 2 Gold Prizes in international singing competition: Professional Singing Category (Gold Prize) + Voice Stars Category (Gold Prize)

2022 Universal Star Competition (Hway Yin)

Another Ms Jin Loh's singing student ~ Hway Yin also won Gold Prize in international singing competition: Voice Stars Category (Gold Prize)

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2022 year International Piano competition 

~ Gold Prize Winner

2022 Universal Stars Competition Yee Leng (frame)

Ms Jin Loh's piano diploma student ~ Yee Leng won Gold Prize in international piano competition: Romantic Music Category (Gold Prize)

2022 year ABRSM Grade 8 singing Exam (UK) ~ Distinction

2022 ABRSM Singing Grade 8 Distinction Hway Yin

2022 ABRSM Grade 8 Singing Exam

Online student Scored Distinction 

Hway Yin prepared her ABRSM Grade 8 Singing Exam 100% via Ms Jin Loh's professional online singing lessons. 

Ms Jin Loh is Hway Yin's first singing teacher. Under Ms Jin Loh's tutelage all these years, Hway Yin has been consistently scoring all Distinctions in all her singing exams, including both Trinity College London (UK) and ABRSM (UK) singing exams.

Hway Yin was also Trinity College London Singing Exams' High Scorers Award Winner.

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2022 Year ABRSM Online Theory Grade 5 Exam 

online student scored 73/75 marks

~ High Distinction (Almost Full Marks) 

2022 Celine ABRSM Theory Grade 5 Distinction

2021 Year ABRSM Online Theory Grade 4 Exam 

online student scored 73/75 marks

~ High Distinction (Almost Full Marks) 

2021 ABRSM Theory Grade 4 Distinction (Celine)

Celine See has been consistently scoring High Distinction 73/75 marks (almost full marks) in both her ABRSM online theory grade 5 and grade 4 exams.

Celine See learned her ABRSM theory grade 4 and grade 5 100% via Ms Jin Loh's Professional Online Theory Lessons. 

Students Received 3 Consecutive Years (2019, 2018, 2017) of High Scorers' Awards from Trinity College London

For 3 consecutive years (2017, 2018, 2019) , Ms Jin Loh's singing students are Trinity College London Music Exam's KL High Scorers (Award Winners & Outstanding Achievers). Her singing students scored one of the highest exam marks throughout the whole year, in the whole country.  

Alicia Lao (on the left) is Trinity College London's High Scorer Award Winner for Singing Exam 2019. She scored the highest singing mark in 2019 exam throughout the whole year of 2019 in the KL. Alicia scored 94/100 marks. 

Celine See (on the right) is Alicia Lao's mother. Celine is Trinity College London's KL High Scorer Outstanding Achiever for Singing exam 2018. Celine scored the 2nd highest singing mark in 2018 year. Celine See and Alicia Lao both studied their singing under the tutelage of Ms Jin Loh.

The 1st, highest marks in 2018 Trinity College London's KL High Scorers Award Winners were also Ms Jin Loh's singing students. Both singing students (Hway Yin & Jane Kong) scored the same highest marks 95/100 marks under the tutelage of Ms Jin Loh.

2018 Year Trinity College London's Singing Exam

~ High Distinctions 95/100 Marks; 91/100 marks 

Both of Ms Jin Loh's singing students - Hway Yin and Jane Kong, both scored 95/100 marks in the Trinity College London's Singing Exam. 

Distinction: 80 marks & above Pass: 60-79 marks.

2018 The 5th Hong Kong International Music Festival Music Competition Winner - Bronze Medal (Malaysia Region)

Ms Jin Loh's vocal student, Alyson Ng, won Bronze Medal (3rd Prize) in the Malaysia region, in 2018 Year "5th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2018 Music Competition".  

2017 ABRSM Music Theory Exam (UK)

~ 99/100 marks High distinction (almost full marks)

Chloe scored almost full marks 99/100 marks in her ABRSM music theory exam (UK).

Distinction: 90 marks & above. Merit: 80-89 marks. Pass: 60-79 marks.

2015 Asia Piano Competition Gold/Silver Awards Winners 

Both of Ms Jin Loh's piano diploma students represented Malaysia to compete in the 2015 Asia Piano Competition. Both piano students won Gold, 1st Prize in the National Round, and won Silver Prize, 2nd Prize in the International Grand Final Piano Competition.

2015 ABRSM High Scorers

Cello Student Scored 144/150 marks

~ Ms Jin Loh's cello student Darren Yap was specially invited by ABRSM (UK) to perform in 2015 ABRSM High Scorer's Music Concert.

Distinction: 130-150 marks. Merit: 120-129 marks. Pass: 100-119 marks

piano performance Diploma ATCL

~ Distinction

13 year old Japanese Distinction ATCL Piano

13-year-old Japanese student, Miss Imamura (from Japan) scored Distinction under Ms Jin Loh's tutelage.

Ms Jin Loh speaks Japanese.

Ms Jin Loh Students' Music Achievements

 offered full scholarship by a university to study Master Degree in Music Performance.

head of flute section player in national youth orchestra. The student is in charge of training and teaching other flute players in the orchestra.

♪ grade 8 flute student scored 29/30 marks, almost full mark , in one of her grade 8 ABRSM flute exam pieces. Just to note that, this flute student skipped her grade 7 flute exam. After the student sat for her ABRSM grade 6 flute exam previous year, Ms Jin Loh prepared the student to go for grade 8 flute exam immediately on the next year. 

♪ Some of Ms Jin Loh’s students became professional musicians. They continue their music studies in music universities in eg. UK, US, Thailand and Taiwan countries.

Ms Jin Loh Students' Non Musical Achievements

Not all of Ms Jin Loh’s music students may choose to pursue music as their profession or career.

However, with the training, knowledge, guidance and advise received, most of Ms Jin Loh's students also excel in their academic studies.

♪ One of Ms Jin Loh's LTCL Diploma piano students accepted into one of the World’s Top 10 universities - The Princeton University.

♪ One of Ms Jin Loh's flute students is accepted to study biology in one of the World’s Top 10 universities  - Cambridge University, United Kingdom. 

- One of Ms Jin Loh’s public speaking voice projection students is accepted to study Master Degree under Scholarship in one of the World’s Top 10 universities - MIT (Massachusetts Institue of Technology)

- Ms Jin Loh’s student is offered full scholarship to study Environmental Science in one of the University in Florida, United States. The student had to go through a tough competition between all other Asian countries' top academic international students to receive the full scholarship.