♪  Miss Jin Loh's Students Achievements (^^)  

Miss Jin Loh’s Practical Music Student High Distinction Result 

ABRSM (UK) High Scorer's Music Result

High Distinction 144/150 marks

Distinction: 130-150 marks
Merit: 120-129 marks
Pass: 100-119 marks

~ Miss Jin Loh's music student was specially invited by ABRSM (UK) to perform in ABRSM High Scorer's Music Concert.

Miss Jin Loh’s Music Theory Student Result 

ABRSM (UK) Music Theory March 2018 Result

100% pass with Distinction 

Distinction: 90-100 marks
Merit: 80-89 marks
Pass: 67-79 marks

Congratulations to Grade 6 ABRSM Music Theory student for scoring Distinction. For higher grades, for example Grade 6 onwards, the now 3 hours music theory papers are more challenging to score Distinction (90/100 marks and above) Well done student! 

April 2017 ABRSM Practical Music Exam Results:

All Miss Jin Loh's students scored Distinctions (130 & above/150 marks), except 2 students scored Merits (124 & 127)

May/June 2017 Trinity College London (UK) Exam Results 

All Miss Jin Loh's singing students scored Distinctions (80 and above/100 marks). 

About Miss Jin Loh's Music Students 

Miss Jin Loh's Music Students ~ Countries

Besides teaching and training local Malaysian musicians, Miss Jin Loh is a music instructor for expatriates from for example, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Korea, United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), China, India and Hong Kong.

Miss Jin Loh's Music Students ~ Occupations

Besides teaching young students, Miss Jin Loh also teaches many professional adult students. Most of her adult students are for example, doctors, surgeon, lawyers, engineers, datuks and businessmen, who enjoy learning music as a new hobby, for relaxation or for leisure purpose.

Miss Jin Loh's Music Students ~ Schools/Universities

Some of Miss Jin Loh's students are local students and international school students in Malaysia. Miss Jin Loh is the private music teacher/instructor for, for example,  The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), Gaden International School (GIS), British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL), Mont' Kiara International School (M'KIS) and Alice Smith International School (KLASS) students. 

Some of Miss Jin Loh's students are currently studying in the world top 10 universities  For example, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Princeton University.

Miss Jin Loh's Music Students ~ Age Range

Miss Jin Loh's music students age range from 10 years old ~ 65 years old.

It is never too late to learn something that one is passionate about, for example, picking up a musical instrument and enjoy playing it . :)

Music is Love.

Love is Music

~ Jin Loh