What to Wear for Music Exam? 

~ by Jin Loh

Many music students have been asking me to advise on  'what to wear to/for music exam?', 'What to wear for abrsm exam?',  'what to wear for Trinity diploma?', 'what to wear for diploma exam?''what to wear for piano recital?', 'What do you wear when you perform?'

My advise as a music performer and a ABRSM and Trinity College of Music instructor is as follow: -

What to Wear for Music Exam Video?

Music Exams' Dress Code/Attire/Outfits/Clothing for Ladies


- Most lady musicians or performers wear one piece dress during music performances, competitions, recitals or concerts.

- Preferably black colour one piece dress for Classical lady musicians. Simple but quite formal, beautiful black dress.

- Other colour dresses are okay too. As long it makes you look beautiful, professional and good. :)

- Depending on the styles of music pieces or songs you are performing. If you are playing Jazz or contemporary pieces or songs, wearing colourful dress may be better.

- Longer dress tend to look more formal. I suggest considering dress that is about knee level or longer.


- You may wear some simple but elegant, slightly formal, a little shining (bling bling :) ) accessories for example, earrings and necklace to match your dress or clothes. 

Adult Hair

- Try to make your hair look tidy and neat. 

- You may use some beautiful hair clip to clip your hair. You may also tie your hair with different hair styles if you have long hair.

Young Girl's Hair

- Try to make your hair look tidy and neat. 

- You may use headband to make your hair look neat.


- Try to match you shoes colour with your dress. 

- Preferably not too high heeled shoes, especially for pianists who need to press the pedals... 

Music Exams Dress Code/Attire/Outfits/Clothing for Men

Bow Ties

- You may consider wearing a nice bow tie if you are planning to wear a tuxedo during your performances or concerts.


- If you are planning to wear long shirt and don't quite like bow ties, maybe you may try matching your shirts with a musical designed neckties, for example, a piano neckties, saxophone neckties to match your musical instrument. :)


- Long white colour shirt is a good choice for Classical men musicians. If you are a Jazz or contemporary musician, a brighter colour shirt or even short sleeved shirt is good during performances, exams or concerts.

- My advise is just make sure your shirt is ironed nicely. A very nicely ironed shirts and pants would make you look more good looking and professional. :)


- It looks nicer to wear cufflinks with your long shirts.

- You may use for example, a  grand piano designed cufflinks to match with your long shirts if you are a pianists. It would be fun to use the same musical instrument that you are performing, as your cufflinks, to match your shirts. :)