Why Cello Pegs Slip?

~ By Jin Loh

Cello Questions:  Why my cello pegs keep slipping? What are the reasons that cause slipping cello pegs and sticking cello pegs? Why does my cello tuning keep slipping out of tune?

Reasons for Slipping Cello Pegs, Sticking Cello Pegs

1)  Cello pegs are not pushed in while turning the pegs

The cello pegs may slip if we do not push the pegs in a little, while we turn the cello pegs. This helps to 'lock' the cello pegs inside the cello peg box.

2)  Cello string hole on the cello peg is too close to the cello peg box wall

The cello peg would not be able to pushed in far enough to hold the tuning properly, if the cello string hole on the peg is too close to the peg box wall.

Solution:; a) Change another new cello peg; b)  Drill a new small hole further in the same cello peg that matches the string thickness. 

3)   Cello peg and its cello peg hole are not fitted well with each other

If the cello pegs or the cello pegs holes are indented, not perfectly round, it causes the cello pegs not able to stay put.

This slipping and sticking cello peg problems are found more often in lower quality student cellos, where cellos are just mass produced by factory without much attention or care given on the cello's construction details.. 

4)   Humidity Level is Low 

Cello pegs tend to dry out easily especially during winters when the humidity level is very low.

Solutions: Avoid keeping your cello near heater/heat vent, radiator.

5)   Sudden changes or fluctuations in temperatures 

The cello pegs may slip and go out of tuned if the cello woods contract or expand. Try to avoid a sudden temperature changes (big differences) from a cold place to a hot place or hot place to a cold place. 

Solution:  If you need to move your cello from a hot place to a cold place or vice versa, try to let your cello get used to the room temperature over some time . If possible, keep or store your cello in room temperature environment. Avoid keeping your cello in basement, attic, heat vent and radiator.