Sound Healing Therapy/Treatment Online Sessions Patients Improvements/Experiences

Is Online Sessions Effective for Sound Healing Therapy/Treatment? Let me share my experiences using sound healing to ease/improve patient with sinus and emotion/psychological blockages conditions via online sound healing sessions.

Encouraging Improvements in Sinus & Mood (Emotional Blockages) After Natural Sound Healing Online Sessions 

Recently I had 2nd sound therapy online healing session with a patient with sinus problem. Besides having sinus problem, this patient also has emotion/psychological blockages issue, due to the long period of staying at home during nation lockdown period.

1st Sound Therapy Healing Online Session ~ Patient’s Showed Signs of “Cleansing/Healing” Improvement:

After I worked with this patient on her 1st 2-3 chakras for about 10-15mins, this patient started to have running nose and started sneezing. 

Thought the air-con was blowing directly at her so I advised her to please switch off the air con. She told me she didn’t switched on any air-con…etc. She didn’t know why suddenly she had running nose & kept sneezing. Her condition continued like this till the middle of the online sound healing session.

However, towards the end of the sound healing online session, this patient’s running nose stopped and she also stopped sneezing.

My sound therapy online healing treatment is 45mins per session. So this patient's changes happened in about 45mins: from having no running nose (before healing session begins), to suddenly having running nose & sneezing (during healing session), then stopped having running nose & sneeze (end of the healing session), this patient experienced these changes or condition in about 45mins.

After the 1st healing online session, this patient told me she felt good. 

2nd Sound Therapy Healing Online Session ~ Patient Continued to Show Similar Signs of “Cleansing/Healing” Improvements:

The 2nd time when I saw this patient for her 2nd online sound therapy healing session, this patient experienced similar “cleansing/healing” improvements for her conditions, just like her 1st online healing session.

During about first 10-15mins of the 2nd online sound healing session, again, this patient started to have running nose. She told me she did not switched on air conditioner...etc, and did not know why she had running nose again! She did not have running nose before the sound healing session began.

I noticed this time (2nd online sound healing session), even though this patient had running nose again, but her running nose condition seemed “lighter/milder’” and did not sneeze as much, compared to her 1st sound healing online session. Her running nose condition also “stopped” earlier when compared to her 1st sound healing online session. She seemed to be “back to normal” (no running nose or sneeze) earlier during this 2nd online sound therapy treatment.

When our sound healing online session was over, I am very happy to hear when this patient told me she feel good! She also seemed to look more ‘refreshed’, ‘brighter’ or "lighter". 

Different people may experience different healing sensation..etc effects, during the sound healing therapy sessions according to their health conditions. Sometimes some patients may only notice or feel the improvements in their conditions few days after the online sound healing sessions. Even if you don't feel anything, it doesn't mean that the healing is not working "silently" or "slowly" :)

Special Sound Healing Therapy/Treatment Online Session

Ms Jin Loh's sound healing therapy/treatment is unique because she combines her knowledge in ancient healing musical instruments; quantum physics; chakras; sound frequencies, energy & vibrations; human's brainwaves; vocal toning; yoga breathing & body movements; colour healing; healing gemstones for different chakras; essential oils for various chakras; some Chinese Medicine's Meridian's knowledge...etc in her sound healing therapy/treatment.

Online Sound Healing Therapy/Treatment

Ms. Jin Loh's sound healing treatment sessions are all private, one to one online sessions. Therefore, you may safe time traveling to her place for healing sessions; have more privacy; stay in the comfort of your own place; continue to maintain social distance...etc, while Ms. Jin Loh try to improve your conditions with her unique sound healing treatment/therapy. 

*Important Notice/Disclaimer: Please note that sound therapy is a natural energy healing, alternative or complementary healing method. People who have health problems need to consult medical doctors for medical treatments.